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Properties With No Name

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0.8 acres,

Properties With No Owner

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Fenway Golf ,

Properties With No Access

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Fenway Golf 44.2 acres, South Branch Park 48.7 acres,

Properties With An Unknown Access Tag Value

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Properties With Multiple OpenStreetMap Entities

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Hoover Quarry Conserv. Area - 2 Entities, Watchaug Meadows Conserv. Area - 2 Entities, Tanglewood Conservation Area - 6 Entities,

Properties Without Websites

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Heritage Park 64.6 acres, Hoover Quarry Conserv. Area 64.2 acres, Kenmore Conservation Area 38.9 acres, Campbell Conservation Area-2 34.7 acres, Jarvis Nature Sanctuary 33.5 acres, Campbell Conservation Area-3 30.5 acres, Veratti Conservation Area 30.1 acres, Craven Conservation Area 29.1 acres, Watchaug Meadows Conserv. Area 17.7 acres, Pine Quarry Conservation Area 17.1 acres, Mill Road Conservation Area 14.9 acres, South Branch Park 48.7 acres, Campbell Conservation Area-1 11.7 acres, Hampden Rd. Conservation Area 11.1 acres, Tanglewood Conservation Area 11.1 acres, Center Field 7.5 acres, Peachtree Rd. Conserv. Area 7.1 acres, Charles Buckingham Cons. Area 6.7 acres, Calkins Ave. Cons. Area 6.5 acres, Indian Spring Cons. Area 6.4 acres, Pine Knoll Recreation Area 5.6 acres, Pleasantview Senior Center 5.0 acres, Vineland-Voyer Conservation Ar 3.8 acres, High Pine Conservation Area 3.2 acres, Center School Park 2.4 acres, Lull Conservation Area 2 2.1 acres, Grove Conservation Area 0.9 acres, No Name 0.8 acres,

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