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Gloucester has 4.4 square miles of open space, 16% of the total, and 68 miles of public trails.

The major open space properties in Gloucester are: South Woods , Crane Estate , Tompson Street Reservation , Ravenswood Park , No Name , and Norton Tree Farm . There are 116 open space properties in total.

The largest open space landowners in Gloucester are: City of Gloucester, Essex County Greenbelt Association, The Trustees of Reservations, New England Forestry Foundation, and Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Gloucester - Trail Map

Major Gloucester Open Space Landowners

Landowner Properties Area In Gloucester Acres
City of Gloucester 61 739
Essex County Greenbelt Association 44 708
The Trustees of Reservations 5 693
New England Forestry Foundation 2 146
Massachusetts Audubon Society 12 76

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Largest Gloucester Open Space Properties

Landowner Name Type Area In Gloucester Acres Trails miles
South Woods Conservation 45 16
The Trustees of Reservations Crane Estate Conservation 1 12
Essex County Greenbelt Association Tompson Street Reservation Conservation 294 8
The Trustees of Reservations Ravenswood Park Conservation 595 8
No Name Conservation 220 5
New England Forestry Foundation Norton Tree Farm Conservation 140 3

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