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Properties With No Name

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5.1 acres,

Properties With No Owner

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Properties With No Access

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Properties With An Unknown Access Tag Value

Please verify that the access tag value for these entities is valid. supports the access tag values on properties of yes, public, customers, no, private, or permissive.

Upland Game Club - restricted 105.6 acres, Norfolk Trout Club - restricted 89.2 acres,

Properties With Multiple OpenStreetMap Entities

These properties have the same name but have several OpenStreetMap entities. Ideally, each property should exist as one way or one relation. Please consider merging them together.

Bristol Blake State Res - 2 Entities, Stoney Brook Wildflife Sanctuary - 4 Entities, Campbell Forest - 2 Entities, Charles River Access - 2 Entities, Mirror Lake Ave - 4 Entities,

Properties Without Websites

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Bristol Blake State Res 140.0 acres, Upland Game Club 105.6 acres, Stoney Brook Wildflife Sanctuary 97.3 acres, Norfolk Trout Club 89.2 acres, Freeman-Kennedy School 44.4 acres, Campbell Forest 41.9 acres, Apple State Forest 40.7 acres, City Mills Pond 22.0 acres, Grove St Area 20.6 acres, Warelands 17.4 acres, Charles River Access 15.8 acres, Kunde Conserv Property 14.2 acres, Doc Recreation Land 11.2 acres, Medway St 9.0 acres, Town Ken"S Pond 8.2 acres, No Name 5.1 acres, Comey"S Pond 3.5 acres, Town Hill 1.9 acres, Railroad Seekonk St 1.1 acres, David Rd 0.8 acres, Kingsbury Pond Access 0.4 acres, Mirror Lake Ave 0.4 acres, Bristol Corner 0.2 acres, River Rd 0.1 acres,

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