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Properties With No Name

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2.5 acres, 2.2 acres, 1.6 acres, 0.6 acres, 0.2 acres,

Properties With No Owner

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Breakheart Reservation , Hurd Ave Park ,

Properties With No Access

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Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site 12.7 acres, Anna Parker Playground 10.6 acres, Hurd Ave Park 1.0 acres,

Properties With An Unknown Access Tag Value

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Golden Hills Ponds Park - restricted 4.1 acres, Ymca Of Lynn - restricted 2.0 acres,

Properties With Multiple OpenStreetMap Entities

These properties have the same name but have several OpenStreetMap entities. Ideally, each property should exist as one way or one relation. Please consider merging them together.

Breakheart Reservation - 16 Entities, Near Walden Pond - 5 Entities, Near Birch Pond - 6 Entities, Lynn Woods Reservation - 4 Entities, Curley Property - 2 Entities, Boulder St Area - 2 Entities,

Properties Without Websites

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Breakheart Reservation 638.3 acres, Rumney Marsh Reservation 812.9 acres, Near Walden Pond 198.2 acres, Near Birch Pond 180.1 acres, Near Hawkes Pond 60.7 acres, Prankers Pond 55.3 acres, Lynn Woods Reservation 49.2 acres, Kasabuski Rink 12.1 acres, Anna Parker Playground 10.6 acres, Off Ella St 9.7 acres, Lynn Fells Parkway 8.7 acres, Curley Property 7.1 acres, Pendleton Properties 6.4 acres, Stocker Playground 5.9 acres, Stackpole Field 5.3 acres, Off Central St 5.3 acres, Golden Hills Ponds Park 4.1 acres, Golden Hills 4.1 acres, Boulder St Area 3.1 acres, No Name 2.5 acres, Evans Elementary School 2.2 acres, No Name 2.2 acres, Ymca Of Lynn 2.0 acres, Glen Park Kettlehole 1.9 acres, No Name 1.6 acres, Bucchiere Prk 1.5 acres, Salters Mill 1.4 acres, Hurd Ave Park 1.0 acres, Summit Rd 0.8 acres, Harold L Vitale Memorial Park 0.7 acres, No Name 0.6 acres, Grandview Prk 0.5 acres, No Name 0.2 acres, David C. Penny Memorial Landing 0.2 acres,

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