Seekonk - Mass Trails

Seekonk has 1.5 square miles of open space, 8% of the total, and 6 miles of public trails.

The major open space properties in Seekonk are: Caratunk Wildlife Refuge , Helpmate , Seacunke Sanctuary , Seekonk High School , No Name , and No Name . There are 47 open space properties in total.

The largest open space landowners in Seekonk are: Jencks A B, Catatunk Wildlife Trust, Seekonk Land Conservation Trust, Town of Seekonk, and Brackett Helen L.

Seekonk - Trail Map

Major Seekonk Open Space Landowners

Landowner Properties Area In Seekonk Acres
Jencks A B 5 193
Catatunk Wildlife Trust 1 169
Seekonk Land Conservation Trust 21 159
Town of Seekonk 9 110
Brackett Helen L 2 54

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Largest Seekonk Open Space Properties

Landowner Name Type Area In Seekonk Acres Trails miles
Catatunk Wildlife Trust Caratunk Wildlife Refuge Conservation 169 4
Town of Seekonk Helpmate Conservation 13 1
Town of Seekonk Seacunke Sanctuary Conservation 13 0
Town of Seekonk Seekonk High School Recreation Ground 29 0
Seekonk Land Conservation Trust No Name Conservation 8 0
Seekonk Land Conservation Trust No Name Conservation 2 0

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