Truro - Mass Trails

Truro has 15 square miles of open space, 70% of the total, and 73 miles of public trails.

The major open space properties in Truro are: Cape Cod National Seashore , Railroad Dike , No Name , Ballston Beach , Corn Hill Beach , and No Name . There are 71 open space properties in total.

The largest open space landowners in Truro are: National Park Service, Town of Truro, Truro Conservation Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and Sanders Franja.

Truro - Trail Map

Major Truro Open Space Landowners

Landowner Properties Area In Truro Acres
National Park Service 2 9543
Town of Truro 28 191
Truro Conservation Trust 29 99
The Nature Conservancy 1 16
Sanders Franja 1 13

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Largest Truro Open Space Properties

Landowner Name Type Area In Truro Acres Trails miles
National Park Service Cape Cod National Seashore Conservation 9536 214
Town of Truro Railroad Dike Conservation 14 1
Town of Truro No Name Conservation 20 0
Town of Truro Ballston Beach Conservation 1 0
Town of Truro Corn Hill Beach Recreation Ground 9 0
Truro Conservation Trust No Name Conservation 4 0

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