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West Springfield has 3 square miles of open space, 18% of the total, and 31 miles of public trails.

The major open space properties in West Springfield are: Watershed Land , Mittineague Park , Pioneer Valley Sportsmans Club , Eastern States Expo Fairground , Land Off Dewey & Bear Hole Rd , and Alice Carson Playground . There are 15 open space properties in total.

The largest open space landowners in West Springfield are: City of West Springfield, The Trustees of Reservations, Pioneer Valley Sportsmen, Department of Fish and Game, and Massachusetts Department of Public Works.

West Springfield - Trail Map

Major West Springfield Open Space Landowners

Landowner Properties Area In West Springfield Acres
City of West Springfield 12 1777
The Trustees of Reservations 1 19
Pioneer Valley Sportsmen 1 18
Department of Fish and Game 2 11
Massachusetts Department of Public Works 1 1

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Largest West Springfield Open Space Properties

Landowner Name Type Area In West Springfield Acres Trails miles
City of West Springfield Watershed Land Conservation 1386 23
City of West Springfield Mittineague Park Park 342 6
Pioneer Valley Sportsmen Pioneer Valley Sportsmans Club Recreation Ground 18 0
Eastern States Expo Fairground Recreation Ground 156 0
Land Off Dewey & Bear Hole Rd Conservation 27 0
City of West Springfield Alice Carson Playground Park 2 0

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