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Westfield has 2 square miles of open space, 5% of the total, and 9 miles of public trails.

The major open space properties in Westfield are: Stanley Park , Row Railroad Parcel , Robinson State Park , Winding River Land Conservancy , Whitney Field , and Wildlife Refuge . There are 53 open space properties in total.

The largest open space landowners in Westfield are: Department of Fish and Game, City of Westfield, Stanley Beverage Foundation, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and DCR - Division of State Parks and Recreation.

Westfield - Trail Map

Major Westfield Open Space Landowners

Landowner Properties Area In Westfield Acres
Department of Fish and Game 16 442
City of Westfield 46 406
Stanley Beverage Foundation 1 295
Commonwealth of Massachusetts 4 121
DCR - Division of State Parks and Recreation 2 88

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Largest Westfield Open Space Properties

Landowner Name Type Area In Westfield Acres Trails miles
Stanley Beverage Foundation Stanley Park Park 295 3
Massachusetts Highway Department Row Railroad Parcel Conservation 27 1
DCR - Division of State Parks and Recreation Robinson State Park Conservation 42 1
Winding River Land Conservancy Recreation Ground 28 1
City of Westfield Whitney Field Park 18 1
City of Westfield Wildlife Refuge Recreation Ground 21 0

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