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Properties With No Name

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103.7 acres, 51.5 acres, 45.4 acres, 26.1 acres,

Properties With No Owner

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Properties With No Access

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No Name 103.7 acres,

Properties With An Unknown Access Tag Value

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Properties With Multiple OpenStreetMap Entities

These properties have the same name but have several OpenStreetMap entities. Ideally, each property should exist as one way or one relation. Please consider merging them together.

Windsor State Forest - 2 Entities, Peru Wildlife Management Area - 13 Entities, Dalton Fire District Wildlife Conservation Easement - 8 Entities, Savoy Wildlife Management Area - 2 Entities, Westfield River Access - 6 Entities,

Properties Without Websites

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Notchview Reservation 3057.6 acres, Windsor State Forest 1846.5 acres, Eugene D. Moran Wildlife Management Area 1610.1 acres, Peru Wildlife Management Area 1588.7 acres, Dalton Fire District Wildlife Conservation Easement 767.5 acres, Chalet Wildlife Management Area 5267.3 acres, Savoy Wildlife Management Area 1469.6 acres, Westfield River Access 252.5 acres, No Name 103.7 acres, No Name 51.5 acres, No Name 45.4 acres, No Name 26.1 acres, Wahconah Falls State Park 52.9 acres, West Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary 1542.7 acres, Dubuque Memorial State Forest 70.8 acres,

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